What is Pharmacy Simulator?

Pharmacy Simulator is a fully 3D simulated learning environment for pharmacists. Navigate a range of realistic patient encounters and learn from the detailed feedback. Enjoyed by both pharmacy students and professionals, in the classroom and at home.

Consider Pharmacy Simulator for your learning and teaching needs:

  • Learning is fun and engaging
  • Feedback immediate
  • Scenarios for all skill levels, beginner to advanced
  • Write your own scenarios and share them
  • Easily edit and update scenarios
  • Track your student's progress
  • Teaching efficiency - save money
  • Anytime, anywhere: on desktop or mobile devices.


Learning outcomes

Students of pharmacy, from first year right through to practicing professionals, will enjoy refining their skills, learning about best-practice, and trying to achieve optimal, respectful, and effective patient counselling strategies.

Patient awaiting assistance

Patients react

Patients react to player input and help teach the value and impact of strong communication skills.

  • Rude?  The patient will get upset and become less communicative.
  • Respectful and empathetic?  The patient will open up and be more forthcoming with relevant health information.

This patient is becoming unhappy
The dispensing computer interface

Dispensing Computer

Use the dispensing computer to review patient notes and dispense and label medicines. As well as practicing your latin abbreviations, your labels can be assessed for appropriateness.

The feedback and scoring interface

Immediate Feedback

Students receive detailed feedback automatically each time they complete a scenario, including advice on how to improve, and a rationale justifying the advice.

Teachers can review their student's progress, and gain insights into areas where their students may be struggling.

The scenario editing interface

Scenario Creation

  • Create and share your own scenarios using the in-built scenario editing tools.
  • Easily adapt scenarios for your local conditions, or refine them to reflect changes to best practice.
  • Grow the bank of scenarios, and help educate the next generation of pharmacists.

True to life

Explore a detailed and accurate 3D pharmacy environment, complete with front of shop, dispensary, fridges, safe, a counselling room, and even a staff break room.

Or perhaps you prefer to explore a hospital environment, reviewing patient data and working closely with the medical team to optimise patient outcomes.

We also have a community clinic environment available, as well as many other planned features. Check out our Roadmap page for details.

Hospital wards

Risk free

A safe learning environment, which can prepare pharmacists for any eventuality.

An armed robbery scenario

University tested

  • Developed and tested within the University environment.
  • Scientifically evaluated and proven.
  • Effective at teaching pharmacy practice.
  • Great for continuing education & professional development.
  • Play and learn anywhere, any time! Available on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and web browser!

A prescription