What's planned for Pharmacy Simulator?


Pharmacy Simulator is already capable of simulating a broad range of scenarios in both the community and hospital environments, but it is still in active development, and we’re always thinking of new ways to improve and add to the product. Below is a list of a few of the features we currently have in development, but this is by no means a comprehensive list of the things we’re working on. We’re also a very small independent team, so try not to be too disappointed if the feature you’re waiting for isn’t included in the next release.

Enjoying Virtual Reality

Play in Virtual Reality

Pharmacy Simulator was designed with virtual reality hardware in mind, and earlier builds did successfully experiment with Oculus Rift support. We believe that virtual reality will provide an additional layer of immersion that makes the simulation experience more impactful. Unfortunately very few of our users have access to virtual reality hardware, so we have not focused on this feature up until now, but we’re keen to add it in future releases as virtual reality hardware becomes more affordable and available.

General practice/community clinic setting

We recognise that in many countries it is common to see pharmacists embedded into community clinics, performing a range of tasks. To enable us to simulate these kinds of tasks we have been working on a general practice/family doctor setting.

A beta version of this environment is available now, and it is possible to simulate conversations with patients and other healthcare professionals.

A sneak preview of our general practice office

Scenario Editor improvements

Our scenario editor is powerful and flexible, enabling skilled users to create scenarios that cover a broad range of learning topics. However, there are a lot of ways we can potentially make the scenario editor more user friendly and easier to use, and there are a lot of ways we can design it to help our users create more complete and compelling scenarios.

Pharmacy Simulator is really built on the back of the scenario editor, since it is this tool that allows our community to contribute the learning content that students need, so we’ve always got improvements to the scenario editor high on our list of priorities.

Student analytics

As educators, it is sometimes useful to be able to see what your students are up to. We already have basic analytics available on the website, where you can review student activity and get a sense of how they’re using Pharmacy Simulator. You can also review student grades, and the time they spend on task.