Student Testimonials

Comments from students who have used Pharmacy Simulator

Happy student

This simulation was EXCELLENT!

It expands our counselling capabilities.

I feel like the simulator’s a nice little bridge between lecture slides in class to what you have to practise in real-life.

Sometimes you learn stuff in theory but you can’t really apply it. Pharmacy Simulator helps us to apply a lot more.

If I just did the lecture alone, I wouldn’t be as confident. But I think, after doing the simulation I was like, yep, I know how to work this in a real-life situation.

Better here than the first experience out there.

I think it was straight forward of how to use it like if you’ve played any games before you know like navigating around the pharmacy.

I liked the how the grading system works. […] you can definitely go back to it and improve if you wanna do it again.

It’s a big step from what I learn in the classroom, and then doing it face-to-face with someone. Doing it this way you get that without really being scared of making mistakes. You kind of relax into it and just let it flow, whereas in the pharmacy you get to be really careful.

Fun and engaging.

This is more of a very interactive way of us self learning information […] I felt like I was more in control of my learning rather than getting the content.

I feel more confident.

Very real-life situations.

Provided an in-depth pharmacy experience.

The ability to choose all the ‘wrong’ options for each scenario was a lot of fun, and a great, safe way to experience the potential consequences of our actions.

Really engaging and well pitched to be both funny and entertaining as well as informative.

I am able to learn how to handle difficult patients via this system without actually harming myself or the patient in real life situations.

It makes me feel like I am truly a pharmacist working in the community pharmacy.

It's quite fun at the same time it is educational.

It is a good way to learn the ‘right words’ for communicating with patients

Happy student

I'm 25 so I respond positively to basically anything presented as a videogame!

The customer responses seemed genuine, rather than say, when you're role-playing a difficult situation with another pharmacist and although they are playing a customer they still sound like a pharmacist.

The dialogue were designed with different option to let me think of why tone and question is appropriate.

I'm able to learn from my mistakes (to actually know why that move/question was inappropriate) and know the right actions that should be taken.