Frequently Asked Questions

When will Pharmacy Simulator launch and be available to purchase?

Pharmacy Simulator launched into "Early Access" in June 2019.

Although we are able to sell into most regions globally, we are currently focusing primarily on servicing the Australian and USA markets.

At present we only support community pharmacy scenarios, but have works underway to expand into the hospital and primary care settings.

What does Early Access mean?

Early Access is our way of acknowledging that Pharmacy Simulator is not yet finished - we have a lot more planned, including support for hospital pharmacy practice, primary care practice, virtual reality, and more.

It is also an acknowledgement that in some regions our content/scenarios are still limited, and may not always meet the high standards we set.

Despite these factors, it is fit for purpose, and institutions globally can start integrating it into their curriculum right now. We believe we have covered all the core aspects of community pharmacy practice that students would otherwise need a standardised patient (i.e. actor/tutor) to practice.

Pharmacy Simulator is already being used in practice by Pharmacy schools, and has been extensively evaluated through various research projects. It's effective now, and will only get better so long as we're able to keep working on it. However, to keep working on it we do need to start generating revenue, which is why we're asking organisations to come on board now and join us in our efforts to maximise the potential of Pharmacy Simulator.

What countries/languages do you support?

Pharmacy Simulator was originally developed in Australia for Australian students, but has been designed to support regional variations. It is already possible to create scenarios for any region, but the existing scenarios are primarily set in Australia, and the software itself is currently only available in English. Prototype support for a variety of other languages has been added, but is not yet officially supported.

Our first aim is to produce a healthy set of English-language scenarios for the Australian, USA, and EU markets over the coming 12 months. Over this same period we will be gradually translating the software for use by various non-English speaking students. If you have a strong interest in having Pharmacy Simulator translated into your language, please contact us and let us know!

What devices/operating systems do you support?

Pharmacy Simulator is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. However, since it is a fully 3D experience low-end devices may not be able to run Pharmacy Simulator. Most devices produced in the past 3 years should be ok, but some low-end or older devices may struggle. For desktop/laptop devices we recommend 4+Gb of RAM, and for mobile devices we recommend 2+Gb of RAM, although we have reports of Pharmacy Simulator working on devices with as little as 1Gb of RAM.

How do I write scenarios?

Pharmacy Simulator includes scenario editing features that allow you to write, edit, and share your own scenarios. From the main menu select the "Edit Scenario" option

For more information about how scenarios are written, and best-practices for writing good scenarios, refer to the relevant section of the user manual.

How do I find products/medicines/drugs?

Some new users do not realise they can use the dispensing computer and dispensing robot to automatically fetch the products off the shelf and bring them to you. See the relevant section of the user manual for more info.

Since Pharmacy Simulator is aimed at student and practicing pharmacists, we do assume a certain level of knowledge about product range/selection. If you are unsure what type of product to use for a given patient, try intentionally failing the scenario and reading the feedback scorecard for tips. Users are also encouraged to search online references for advice about appropriate product selection. We plan to include an in-game web browser for this purpose in the future.

We are also considering methods of categorising/tagging products, so it is clearer what they are commonly used for, as a way to better support our novice users.

I'm doing everything right, but I cannot get the maximum score!?

Usually in this case users are making an error of omission - they are failing to do something that they should do. Are you missing something?

In particular, some new users do not realise they have to physically give the product to the patient. Use the dispensing computer to fetch the product, then click/tap on it and select "Give". Then tap/click on the patient to give the product to the patient.

Why is Pharmacy Simulator sold as a subscription? Can't I just buy it?

Pharmacy Simulator is primarily built for pharmacists and student pharmacists, and is intended to be a serious educational tool. For this to work, we need to support a wide range of content, across a wide range of skill levels and a diverse set of regions. This also provides inherent limitations in terms of the size of our available market: our product is not particularly well suited to the general consumer market, outside of the pharmacy industry.

Since the market is relatively small, and we want to be able to provide ongoing support and updates, we determined that a subscription model would fit best. However, because we depend on having a large, diverse, and active community of users to keep generating new scenarios, we have attempted to keep the price as low as possible.

The vast majority of revenue we generate is invested straight back into the further development of our products, so by becoming a subscriber you are investing in better educational tools for the future. The more users we can attract to our service, the better we can make it for everyone.