Who We Are

Our company and mission

Our mission at Imitated Environments is to help bring education into the 21st century. Coming from a University-based academic background, we specialise in the development of immersive 3D simulated learning experiences that allow students to practice their professional skills in a safe and near-to-life virtual environment. We focus on empowering educators to create and share these learning experiences with a global community of learners.

Director Ivan Bindoff

Ivan is a computer scientist with a 13 year health research career behind him. As a researcher he led teams designing, developing, and evaluating innovative technical solutions to health and health education challenges, with a particular focus on medications. Pharmacy Simulator was one of the outcomes of this research. He has subsequently left academia to focus on founding Imitated Environments, and launching Pharmacy Simulator and related products commercially.

DeveloperGian Hancock

Gian is a programmer with skills in both back-end and game programming experience that has worked on various projects with Ivan over the last couple of years. His skills make him ideally suited to join Imitated Environments as another co-founder, to help take Pharmacy Simulator and related products to the next level.

Lead Artist Tristan Garland

Tristan is a 3D artist with a background in software and game development and is responsible for the creation of our 3D virtual environments. He has worked with Ivan on a variety of game projects over a number of years, and has now joined Imitated Environments as a co-founder to continue the development and commercialisation of Pharmacy Simulator and related products.