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Pharmacy Simulator promises to change how pharmacists are trained

Imitated Environments are proud to launch Pharmacy Simulator, an immersive computer simulation of pharmacy practice which aims to improve pharmacy education globally.

Pharmacy Simulator Banner

Pharmacy Simulator was developed by Dr Bindoff and his team at the University of Tasmania over the past several years as an engaging and low-cost way to deliver pharmacy practice scenarios to students. After early experimental results demonstrated the potential of their techniques, Dr Bindoff sought to close the loop by out-licensing the technology to his startup company and developing a commercially viable version of the software which can be easily maintained, expanded, and updated, and can be distributed globally.

Imitated Environments plan to expand Pharmacy Simulator internationally, and to cover more of the pharmacy practice space. “For the moment our focus is on English speaking countries and the community pharmacy setting, but we’ve got works in progress to provide translated versions of the software, and expand into the hospital, aged care, and primary care settings. Really any place where pharmacists operate.”

Pharmacy Simulator is available now on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. A free trial is available, but some features require a subscription.

Pharmacy Simulator launch trailer video: YouTube
Pharmacy Simulator demo scenario video: YouTube